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What makes you smile?

Share what makes you smile and get entered to win!

Let’s smile together.

The famous “Smiley Face” is an enduring symbol of optimism and possibility. It came into fashion 50 years ago, when a group of neighbors formed what would become Impact NW. Like the Smiley Face, Impact NW has endured (and evolved) because it has embraced this optimism and possibility – along with a home-grown quality of problem solving. Impact NW never gives up. We fight for what is right.

To further this legacy, Impact NW’s Smile Together campaign is a spirited call to action. Launching with National Volunteer Week in April, the campaign aims to encourage volunteers, donors and places of work to Smile Together by supporting their neighbors. Volunteer to prepare a move-in kit for a family that once lives outside. Take part in the social-media driven What Makes You Smile effort? Join us for the Power of One lunch. So many ways to Smile Together!

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

– Mother Teresa